oor sleep may cause dark circles under the eyes.

The area under the eyes can appear darker thanks to constricted blood vessels causing hyperpigmentation, or from thinning of the skin round the eyes.

All causes of dark circles under the eyes include:

lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits
allergies, including pollinosis
hyperpigmentation, which happens when the body produces more melanin
reduced levels of adipose tissue round the eyes
thinning skin under the eyes
anemia from iron deficiency
overexposure to sunlight
frequent rubbing of the eyes
inherited genes
thyroid conditions
eye drop treatment for glaucoma, like bimatoprost
There are some risk factors for dark circles under the eyes, such as:

Older age: Loss of adipose tissue and thinning of the skin round the eyes are a part of the aging process. These changes can make dark circles appear more defined in older adults. A tear trough is that the hollow under the eyes, which may cause dark circles and is said to aging.

Medical treatments

If home remedies don’t get obviate dark circles under the eyes, an individual can see their doctor or dermatologist for advice on medical treatment.

Medical treatment options include:

Topical creams

Bleaching creams can help to scale back hyperpigmentation. These might include:

a combination of both
People may have to use hydroquinone for a minimum of 3 months to ascertain an impact .

Kojic acid

Anecdotal reports state kojic acid is effective in treating dark circles. Kojic acid may be a natural product that comes from two species of fungi. However, it’s important to understand that side effects of kojic acid can include dermatitis and reddening of the skin.

Azelaic acid

People may use azelaic acid to treat hyperpigmentation under the eyes, and it’s safe to use over long periods.

Topical vitamin C

A study checked out the consequences of 10% vitamin C lotion within the treatment of dark circles, over 6 months. The lotion was effective in lightening darkness under the eyes.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels, using alpha hydroxy acids, like glycollic acid , can help to lighten hyperpigmentation under the eyes.

People can also use chemical peels together with topical creams for better effect.


Laser therapy are often an efficient treatment for dark circles. Less invasive laser procedures, like pulsed dye or diode lasers, may lessen the danger of scarring or other potential side effects.


If thinning of the skin or loss of adipose tissue is causing dark circles under the eyes, fillers could also be a possible option. People can have injections of platelet rich plasma or mucopolysaccharide gel into the world under the attention .


A type of surgery called blepharoplasty can get obviate dark circles that are thanks to deposits of fat or extra skin round the eye area.

The area under the attention is extremely delicate, and other people should discuss possible side effects. they need to also make sure that only a licensed dermatologist carries out any medical procedures for this area.

If people are taking certain drugs, like bimatoprost for glaucoma, dark circles will disappear after they stop using the medication.

By Nida